My first time: A visit at the beauty salon

15 January 2013

I have a number of ‘firsts’ lined up. Knowing that we will be leaving this friendly town soon has led me to come up with a number of projects and plans that I absolutely need to accomplish before we’ve gone.

The first one was going to the beauty salon for a mid-winter treatment of my sun-deprived skin — a quick facial and tinting of my eyelashes. What an adventure!

Let me tell you, I came out looking worse than I did when I set foot into this oasis of beauty: My hair was an absolute mess because the beautician had spread the facial stuff – whatever it was, it smelled lovely – not just over my face, but she had also managed to give my hair a nourishing mask… But greasy looking hair aside, the worst was that I left the salon with dark panda eyes (the lady had not covered the skin round my eyes sufficiently before colouring my lashes).

Knowing that I looked as if had just cried in a public toilet wearing full non-tear-proof eye make-up , I kept my eyes down and made my way home as quickly as my old legs would carry me….

Back in the safety of our den, I turned to the almighty internet, which did not disappoint and swiftly provided several strategies to deal with my panda eyes. The treatment was oh so painful, but I managed to remove most of the colour that had seeped into the skin around my eyes. I also washed my hair and lo and behold, today I can look in the mirror without feeling like a tramp. Hoorah.

You might ask yourself: “Why did she not complain?” I tell you, normally I would have thrown a tantrum, but I was honestly too shocked, I had not expected this kind of outcome at all. I just wanted to get out of that place, and will never, ever return.

Lessons learned:

  1. My natural looks aren’t all that bad! If I stay as far away as possible from beauticians I might look just fine for another decade.
  2. If there should be a next time (the face massage was nice after all): Ask a friend for a recommendation.
  3. A visit at a beauty salon is potentially a lot more dangerous than I thought it would be: In their everyday working practice, beauticians handle chemicals which might be harmful. If the stinging the colouring lotion caused is anything to go by, it might potentially do quite a bit of harm to your eyesight. And that was just a teeny-tiny treatment, I have no idea what else they do for their customers. So I wonder:
  • Does a lot of stuff go wrong in these beauty places?
  • Would beauticians actually know how to deal with incidents such as allergic reactions?

This would make a really interesting bit of research into a market that is supposed to enhance your beauty and wellbeing. I really wonder if it does most of the time….It  did the trick for me though, because if I look in the mirror today, I feel like I look great! :).

So if you, dear reader, are currently looking for a beauty place in Lyon, contact me. I can tell you where NOT to go 🙂

2 Responses to “My first time: A visit at the beauty salon”

  1. It’s shame that you had so bad experience. Unfortunately some beauticians are not well trained how to behave in case of allergic reaction.. I think you have to go back to beauty salon again, but this time make sure your friend recommends it to you 😉

  2. birolilu Says:

    Thank you for your comment! If you have a recommendation I’ll gladly try out another place 🙂

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