Going somewhere else. Part 2

16 November 2012

You may have noticed that this blog has become a bit quiet over the last few months. Fewer posts, less stuff to write about. This is mostly due to the fact that we feel settled and rooted in Lyon. Everyday life is ticking over nicely and I think that you get to a point where you run out of interesting things to say: Everybody, no matter where they live, have similar stuff happening to them. The growing pains of their children, their little and major successes or setbacks, inspiring or difficult encounters with shopkeepers, neighbours, family, friends, teachers… you name it. The internet is full of these things and I think we don’t need to add to this.

So it was time to decide whether to let this blog die quietly or whether to take some action and spice things up. We opted for the latter. Thus we  will be leaving France and moving to Sweden next summer.

… Look! We’ll be right by the sea…

Bear in mind, dear reader, we’re doing this for you, in order to keep you entertained with new episodes and a fresh perspective on culture shock, schooling, house hunting and 1000  little things that are interesting, fascinating, and oh so tiring when you move to a new country :).

We are excited about  the new opportunity this move presents! I am not only talking about job opportunities — Rolf is very pleased with his new and challenging post and I have much better chance to find employment in my field.  It’s also living by the sea, learning to sail a boat, getting fit with nordic skiing in the winter.

We will also be reversing traditional family patterns: Instead of the rebellious teenager leaving the nest, we will be leaving our eldest  in Lyon to finish school and grow up while  the rest of the family move on to pastures new. So stick with us, I think the next couple of years will be interesting.

We will probably have to rename this blog in the coming months. “Franglish for Germans” will not do anymore. We’re not sure what to do about this.  “Swenglish for Germans”? I don’t like it.  I am sure we’ll come up with a snazzy name for the blog in good time. Have a great day, keep visiting us and…  I am so excited. 🙂


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