Going somewhere else….

2 October 2012

We’re still in Lyon. But we’re also getting in the frame of mind of moving away, in a couple of years at the latest. In a way this seems odd, as we love living here. It’s mostly due to the limitations to develop professionally, that we don’t see our future lying in this country. (Yet, I don’t know where exactly we see our future …). Thus faced with difficulty to find a job that offers the right opportunities, I am doing things differently career-wise here than in England, where I stuck with my job, my studies and the rest of it. (I have to emphasize that it made perfect sense at the time as well as in retrospect to work like that, because I was in a job that inspired and challenged me at the same time.)

But, the French labour market being what it is, I now find myself with my finger in multiple pies: I have

  • a job in Lyon, 
  • a job in Switzerland,
  • a job in Australia,
  • and I study for my PhD in a European PhD college.

… Mind you, these are all part-time jobs :).

But when I look at this array, I think it weird and wonderful at the same time. I also wonder how long I can juggle my commitments and at which point I will start spreading myself too thinly. It is somewhat a stretch to focus on completely different tasks every day of the working week. On the other hand, I am aware that a change of country is definitely looming in the future, so I am trying to prepare myself for job hunting elsewhere by enriching my skill profile with these very diverse job experiences.

Maybe this kind of ‘patch-working’ is not even uncommon nowadays, theoretically, one can work from any remote corner of the world and just email the results to a respective employer…

My problem is more that I have grown up with the belief that one has to have ONE steady and secure job at a time (or even for life…). My current employment status is somewhat challenging these convictions. But I am sure I’ll square things up in good time, in fact, I am half way there, because I also have to admit that I am not at all unhappy with the current situation. Despite being challenging in terms of organization, my working life leaves me a lot of freedom. There are deadlines, of course, but I have no one organizing when and how to work and how to meet those deadlines. I can work in cafés, (which I do frequently) I can work from home, or on a train…  This freedom is wonderful and, as I am slowly getting used to having various jobs instead of ‘only’ one, I am really starting to enjoy it. This might actually ‘my’ future working model for me – at least until something better comes along …

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