April showers

26 April 2012

Post April-shower rainbow-glory in Lyon this week


We got rained on a lot this April, although we tried our utmost to get away from it. We tried to escape the weather by travelling to Germany over the Easter holidays. It was freezing cold and rainy. We tried England and enjoyed horizontal rain and the strongest gales I have ever seen on the Dorset coast.

But being good Germans (and in order to remain true to all stereotypes), we hiked nevertheless. For safety reasons, Lucy had to carry our heavy rucksack with the picnic to prevent her getting blasted away… I am still grateful that we booked ourselves a family room in the local YHA instead of going camping. I think we would have had a Dorothy-like wizard of Oz experience had we put up the tent. Or just a huge family fallout because I would have been utterly miserable stuck in a tent on a wet and windy campsite…

Not having been to England for 2 years, it was an interesting experience. While I found most things so positive and refreshing in the UK — the people we visited (most of all I guess), the language, the general attitude and the shopping(!!!) to name but a few, I found others oddly strange: Everything is still familiar, but we don’t seem to belong there any more. The kids on the other hand just embraced the present and enjoyed England. Lucy had a whale of a time with her friends and would have gladly moved back to Ascot straight away. Linus was a bit more skeptical — he enjoyed being with his friends but sees the downside of living in a small place that does not offer much for teenagers who don’t own a car. He definitely prefers Lyon in that respect.

We’re  hoping to see the lovely people from England again soon, be it here or there. I know some of you follow the blog, so again a big, fat, juicy and cordial THANK YOU for putting us up, for feeding and watering us, and, most of all, for the wonderful time we spent with you!

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