Supporting Christiania

4 March 2012

When I attended the MICCAI conference in Copenhagen in 2006, I spent some time exploring the city with a nice bunch from the MEVIS in Bremen (hi Inga, Tim, and Urban 🙂 ). Quite by chance, we went past the entrance of Freetown Christiania, an alternative community that has been thriving there over four decades, despite various difficulties with the police, the state and the municipal bureaucracy, as well as various attempts to shut it down. One of the issues is that the Christiania inhabitants are technically squatters, whose presence is preventing the commercial exploitation of land that may be worth around 2 billion Danish Crowns (300 million Euros). After years of quarrelling, the state has now offered the inhabitants a deal: they can buy the land for 10 million Euros. Sounds great, but how does a bunch of idealists whose mission in life is to live it (and live it freely) come up with that kind of money? The answer may be crowdfunding. I’ve lent my support and am now the proud owner of a Christiania Folkeaktie. Not a real share, more of a fancy donation receipt, manufactured on site in the Freetown’s printing workshop.

Christiania share

My Freetown Christiania share


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