Warming thoughts

7 February 2012

… I know, you are cold too… I am actually not too bad right now. I have just come in from a quick ride on the bike. The wind kind of anesthetized the lower part of my body, so I don’t feel anything anymore. The rest of my body, including my face, was covered in layers of wool and more wool. I keep telling myself I look really sexy and enigmatic when riding my bike at the moment, because the only bit of my face that is not covered in wooly stuff is my eyes….(Delusion has its uses in life!) But I guess I mustn’t grumble. Here, it was minus 10 degrees Celsius this morning, so not bad compared to some other places in Europe.

As much as I really don’t like being cold, the ice is so beautiful too. We went to the park on Sunday and found Lac Miribel frozen. So we went for a walk on the lake rather than round the lake. The sights certainly made up for the bloody frozen feet I was getting while slipping and sliding on the lake: 

This weather induced some strange thoughts too. Isn’t it weird, that

  • at present, it is warmer on the inside of our fridge than outside, in front of our front door?
  • the outside temperature will have risen by about 50 degrees Celsius in just 5 months time?
  • on a sunny day and when the temperature rises to minus 2 degrees, you can actually feel as it is pleasantly *warm*?
  • eleven-year-old girls seem to be covered in invisible layers of insulating material? I saw one of those specimens (which is closely related to me) step off the school bus today carrying her coat IN HER HANDS!!! Needless to say, I instantly turned into my mother for a quick and warming scolding.

    Hoping you’re keeping warm too … and that the broken boiler in Sunninghill got fixed today!!


One Response to “Warming thoughts”

  1. Sabine Says:

    Yes, boiler is fixed , thank you !!!
    Only minus 2 here, so still quite warm, the snow doesn’t melt but we couldn’t walk on a lake !
    Very nice and amazing pictures for Lyon !
    Love, Sabine

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