19 January 2012

This post is a bit of a landmark! It’s post number 200. But I have a feeling that this is the only remarkable aspect about it, because it is just meant as a quick hello and an update on what’s happening. Which is not much. We’re busy. But please keep on reading anyway…

I am now into my third week holding down two part-time jobs and thus the days just fly by. But I have to say, I am absolutely loving it. Suddenly, the house is more messy, but I am getting insights into a new universe that is commercial pharmaceutical research. I have already had some *remarkable* conversations with investigators. I will say no more, I’ll put it in a different post or tell you in private 🙂 . No, honestly, this job is so up my street: It’s extremely complex in terms of paperwork and I get to talk to a lot of strangers on the phone, who are sometimes difficult, sometimes utterly charming and helpful. For someone like me who very much enjoys talking to interesting people, this is rather a fun work.
At the same time I am doing my other job, which allows me to brush up on my abilities in qualitative data analysis. This is great too, I am so happy to fully immerse myself in interview analysis, which can be mindboggling and complicated. But at the same time, it’s so beautiful when, after reading and coding the interviews four or five times, themes start to emerge, fall into place and suddenly you produce meaningful results. Okay, I appreciate that you may be thinking that this is loony work and can’t see the beauty at all? That’s fine with me… I love it anyway.
I just hope that my work meets my employer’s expectations so I will be hired for follow-on projects from mid-February onwards. So far, Lyon is looking promising, I have been offered more hours just today. With Switzerland, I am not sure. I will discuss the project with them tomorrow, so please keep your fingers crossed for me!

The offspring is busy too, Lucy is reading like there is no tomorrow, devouring one book after the other, and Linus is happy at school. He practically lives there at the moment:
He left the house at 7.30am this morning and I don’t expect him to be back until about 10pm tonight. He has had a full day of lessons until 5.30pm, then his Model United Nations debating club, and afterwards he will watch this year’s theatre production. Tomorrow he will again be leaving the house early. After school, he will be going to yet another Model United Nations convention, this time in Ferney-Voltaire (right next to Geneva). He’ll be gone until Sunday night.
The boy is definitely growing up, he just does not miss his MUM anymore!!! Having said that, it’s quite a liberating feeling, I was never very fond of those moments when I had a crying toddler who was in utter distress to part with his mum for, say, 10 minutes, clinging on to me. Yes, it’s good this phase is over. Just imagine, if he’d cling on to me still, I would have trouble wrestling the boy down… But luckily, I won’t have to. He’s very excited to go and discuss GM food as a representative for Venezuela. (They are assigned countries that they will represent before the convention).

Rolf is a busy bee too, so no real news on that front. Although, I have no idea what he is actually working on. The man with the big brain always does stuff that could potentially endanger the sanity of my own somehow differently wired thinking apparatus… So if you want to know, just ask him yourself.
I think dinner’s ready, so I better go, the family does not approve of ‘Black Quiche’. Have a great evening!!


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