Needles and pines

12 January 2012

I have just complimented our Christmas tree out of the house and into the cold. It was about high time too, because the once green fella had not just dropped a lot of needles, but shaken off various ornaments too. (Maybe I should have left it in the house even longer: Then I could have just scooped up baubles and straw stars from the floor?)

I’m glad the thing is out. Mary, Joseph, the babe and the other folks living in our stable under the tree must be equally relieved: They were almost up to their ankles in needles. As you can see, one of the shepherds had already keeled over from exhaustion:

Removing the ornaments gave me a refreshing shower of dry needles. (I still find needles all over my body, in the most unexpected places…) but still, the tree looked not too bad afterwards, considering the substantial loss of green that it had undergone already.

Well… maybe not.
Next, I pulled the tree out of the apartment. Had it been a child, I would say it was kicking and screaming all the way. But in its tree-like quiet manner, it just left an impressive green and prickly trail behind…

Which I swept up into a nice pile of – green and prickly stuff.

So what do you do with an ex-Christmas tree that is in such a sorry state? Lucy suggested to keep it until Easter, transport it to Germany and burn it in one the traditional Easter bonfires. Great idea, but somehow I had a few objections.
I think we have now agreed that a LOCAL recycling point in Lyon, in our quartier, will be the best solution. For the time being, the tree is still sitting on the balcony… and I have a huge pile of needles at my disposal.
I could still put the tree and its components to good use as an educational means: If my kids should be naughty today, I will make them glue the needles back on the tree with superglue.
Every last one of them :).
Now there’s a thought… Maybe we should keep it a bit longer after all?

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