Weird yet wonderful…

13 December 2011

Firstly, to those who know us, I am pleased to tell you that Linus’ operation went very well. He is on a highway to recovery, still slightly hamster-cheeked but in good spirits and enjoying being home again after three days in hospital. This is the wonderful part of the post!
Now for the weird…
I am in the process of becoming an auto-entrepreneur so I can carry out freelance work in Switzerland.
Last week, I had a couple of appointments with someone from a state-run institution to help me register my business. I also needed some advice as to the possibility of having a business account with a Swiss bank while residing in France. (Just seemed like a good idea with the current Euro trouble in mind).
One of the pieces of advice I got was to maintain two bankaccounts, one in Switzerland and one in France and to transfer only part of my salary to France on a regular basis, while keeping the rest in Switzerland. This option entailed that I would merely declare the salary transferred to France to the taxman. The rest of the money would bypass the tax system and just sit in Switzerland.
Now this advice left me flabbergasted for about a second (I mean, this was an official state-run institution!!) and then all I replied was “but I cannot possibly do this, this is fraud”. To top it all off, the person who gave me advise casually popped some pills during our conversation and told me that he/she was addicted to pain killers. I was honestly a bit shocked about the meeting at first, but laughed on my wait out of the building…
Now, me being me, I am trying to make sense of this situation. The whole appointment was so bizarre (I got a strange phone call from school as well during my meeting, but I spare you those details), I almost feel like I was set up. Maybe I was secretly filmed and will be on French television soon? Or maybe this was a spy employed by the French government to check out if people can be convinced to cheat with their déclaration d’impôts? To the best of my knowledge, I do not suffer from persecution mania (yet 🙂 ), so my guess is that it was most likely one of those weird yet wonderful situations that make life interesting and provide you with cool stories to tell to your friends and readers on wordpress. Can’t wait to go for my next appointment at the job centre! (I had a run-in with someone there, also last week… but that’s another story…).


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