FB, food and life in Lyon

21 November 2011

I’m full to the brim with stuff to talk about, so brace yourself for a potentially long-ish post.

Do you remember my rant about facebook, which I posted a little while ago? Since then, I have been busy collecting one or two new friends on FB, as well as posting a sheepish picture of a woolly creature. I don’t know why I suddenly start using FB more often instead of less. Maybe it’s to do with focussing on FB more now that I have realized how intrusive I find it? Doesn’t make sense, I guess. Anyway, I am using a different browser now, which I exclusively employ to surf social websites. This calms my paranoia about FB collecting loads of information about me and my surfing habits enormously. (Although, who would be seriously interested in someone who as frequently as me surfs to the BBC4 website? But you never know). I am not half as paranoid as Don Mills who writes a hilarious blog called ‘The problem with young people today is….’.

Help, I am losing track. I was talking about FB, right? Today something quite funny happened to FB- enemy-me: I got a message on my wall today, from a friend, who was asked by the owner of a men’s clothes boutique here in Lyon to give me message that the suit we had bought for Linus was ready for collection. Now that cheered me up big time :). How weird is that? The owner of the boutique had lost my phone number and our friends happened to visit the shop at the week-end. So he just left the message with them. It does pay to go to places where people know you and your acquaintances personally I guess, otherwise I might have waited for that message to get through to me until Easter. So yes, I take this as proof that FB is not all evil and Lyon is a really small and cozy place after all.

Now that I am done with FB, I have to update you on some other things that have happened recently.  I have been busy going to job interviews. I now seem to have not one, but two part-time jobs lined up and I am so happy about this! I have always said that having one job would be a bit boring and that having two would be perfect for me. It seems I can get a taste of what it’s like now. Hope I will be able to cope! But I’m really looking forward to the experience and to being part of the working population again. As usual, I never seem to be able to do things in a strictly straightforward fashion. And with these jobs, one will be freelance work in Switzerland, the other employment in Lyon. I am still trying to figure out how to organize this. Luckily, we’re in the French system here and I already have an appointment to discuss the problem with someone who is hopefully clued up about this kind of thing. I keep my fingers crossed that it will not be too complicated. 

On a more hedonistic note, I have become a BIG fan of truffle oil. I have been looking for a decent truffle oil for quite a while now, ever since I had a super ‘scrambled egg with truffle oil’ in Austria. Now, at long last, I found a shop in Lyon which sells zillions of wonderful plain and flavoured olive oils. When I went there and asked to buy some truffle oil, I got one of these typical French ‘Mais madame…!” looks. I love those, by the way. They just convey a full sentence, in this case: “Outrageous, how can you come into the shop and ask for just ANY truffle oil?”, because the shopkeeper actually had five varieties to chose from. And he would not sell me any oil until after a proper dégustation of olive oil had taken place. Naturally, you can’t start a tasting with something as strongly flavoured as truffle oil, so I ate my way through spoonfuls of delicious oils (there must have been at least 15 varieties), until we got to truffle…. and to top it all off, I had spoonfuls of very special vinegar. (This may sound uargh, but it was very nice vinegar! Not the 20p variety you clean you pots with).

The end of the story was that I bought two varieties of truffle oil, plus a delicious vintage Balsamico  at a price I simply could not say no to. Plus truffle salt and basil oil…. so with a full stomach and a considerably lighter purse I left the shop about 45 minutes later….but the shopping had left me so happy, I will go there again, maybe even do my Xmas shopping there….

I just LOVE shopping for food in Lyon!!!!


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