This is one for the girls

3 October 2011

Just a quick ‘Monday Morning Hello’…

I have always thought I don’t look so bad for my age. Not too wrinkly anyway. And good friends always tell each other these things, right? That’s sisterhood, keeping the good spirits up when you’re almost halfway down on the biodegradable highway as me and most of my friends are …But this kind of emotional cushioning has been brutally flattened just the other day. This is what I got as a free sample from a well-meaning pharmacist:

My very first sample of ANTI-AGING CREAM!!!!

But you know what? I am not going to use this stuff, because I have since consulted friends (who have more authority in this area than any pharmacist) and they have confirmed that I don’t look old enough to use this cream… So completely wrinkle free, I am off to the office now (i.e.working on the macbook at the kitchen table) and in the afternoon I will expose my young-looking, radiant skin to the gorgeous October sun. I hope you’re up to something good too and will also enjoy a productive and wrinkle-free day.
Always remember: It’s all in the mind… And denial can be a useful state of mind — at least sometimes 🙂 .
A bienĂ´t!

PS: Just an email from facebook alerting me to the fact that I have not logged on for days. During those days, I have missed out on important top stories such as people’s status updates… I have searched my soul and find no trace of panic there that I could become a social outcast, so I won’t log on today either.

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