My little facebook rant

30 September 2011

How time flies when you’re having fun. That last post is over a month old and just now, suddenly I have this itch in my hands that makes me want to write… and I HAVE to write. Not to share happy stories, but because I am angry. I just listened, as I often do when cooking dinner, to BBC radio 4 via their website. Today, I listened to “The Media Show” and boy, I am so pi**** off by facebook and their new apps. And the Guardian as well, HOW on earth can my favourite English newspaper buy into this rubbish? I think I will stop reading it online.
Okay, I have a facebook account myself. I am one of these losers who only has 63 friends (but I know all them personally) and I don’t share much information. I don’t think anybody cares whether I am just stuck in queue or whether I am constipated or have a congested nose. It does not matter. And I think, it should not matter nor be shared with the world. The music I listen to on Spotify is my private business as are any newspaper articles I read in the Guardian. Are there not more important things to think about or read on the computer than this social gobbledegook that is just a massive waste of everybody’s time?
The other day, I had a valid reason for joining another network, LinkedIn, because I needed to contact someone and this was the only way. Naively, I opted into a feature that contacts EVERYBODY on my gmail account with requests to become a contact on LinkedIn. I am still blushing, I don’t want to bother people with this kind of spam and I don’t know how to opt out now!!! My hero said it’s too late… I am still trying to find a way, I can’t accept this.
But I think I have just successfully opted out of spotify sharing my music with the world on facebook. (If you see any tracks linked to my name next time you visit, please let me know. I will then enroll on a evening class that teaches me how to deal with modern social media apps.)
What really made me angry today were the young guy from facebook and the smug Guardian lady on the programme who really freaked me out with their attitude and talk about facebook’s vision and how great it is to integrate just about everything into the site. ARGHHH!!! For goodness’ sake, I just have an account there so I can be sure my offspring does not get bullied in public, apart from that the mere thought that all these data on individuals, family photos and things are floating about the web really scares me. This young dude on the radio would probably call me a fossil and say that by increasing my literacy on social media even I could turn into a person who massively benefits from facebook and what are they called? Social apps. But I DON’T WANT TO.
The mere thought gives me these freaky 1984 visions. Does that make me a grumpy old woman? Or a hypocrite, because I share my rant with whoever is out there reading this blog? I don’t know — at least you have to make an effort of finding us here and rest assured, this will never be linked up to facebook. Unless wordpress decide to do so and then I will do my utmost to opt out. So, that’s it for today. I have had my rant, I feel better, please feel free to comment 🙂 — I like the thought that I only share my thoughts with people who actively opt in by making the effort of finding this site.
PS: BLAST!!! I just noticed that there is a facebook app button at the end of this post! I am sure that wasn’t there last time I blogged… and I can’t opt out … PANIC! PLEASE DON’T HIT THAT BUTTON!!!! Seems I just can’t get away from f-book and that I urgently need to enroll in that class…


2 Responses to “My little facebook rant”

  1. birge Says:

    Ha ha – that’s hilarious! Don’t be so hard on the social media. It is still everyone’s free decision and can be fun, too. Ah, and btw I am currently taking that exact class!!!

    • birolilu Says:

      How good of you, are you doing this at the Uni of SF again … and how fitting that you’re the one who says ‘hello’ on facebook in reply… now THAT was funny :). Hope everything’s well your end, bises, hoffentlich bis bald mal per skype oder so?


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