Still bloggin’

23 August 2011

… after all this time. I have thought long and hard whether to keep this blog going. We are now settled in France, so no need to document the exciting journey of finding our feet in Lyon anymore. On the other hand, a few friends just recently told me how much they enjoy reading the blog, so I have decided to keep it going for the time being, maybe write less frequently, but still keep the people we care about up-to-date with what’s happening in our lives.
There’s been another long break between posts because we’ve been on holiday, zigzagging across Germany from Munich to the far North, near Aurich, travelling in a number of attractive vehicles and on trains. Linus has been to the Alps to do hiking, mountain biking and climbing, while Lucy was horse riding in North-Rhine Westphalia. Rolf and I had some time to ourselves and spent it hiking. Then we visited family, afterwards drove back to France for a few days of camping in the Auvergne with our lovely friends N., M. and their kids from Ascot. What a great summer we’ve had! Now we’re back in a baking hot Lyon, still expecting some nice people to visit. La rentrée (i.e. the children going back to school) is looming and we all find it hard to get back to reality — work, school, organizing life after this looong summer break. As usual round this time of year, I am full of plans of what I am going to do and yes, of course life will be different this September: orderly, minutely planned, and I will get lots of things done. (I will be in this mood again just after Christmas, just watch this space.) The only slight problem is that I am already stuck in my tracks. The reason is the incredible heat we’re experiencing at the moment. It’s about 40 degrees Celsius in Lyon, temperatures that our German relatives only dream about as they stare into warming fires, wrapped up in their fleecy tops…. While I am cool with the temperatures, my computer does not take to the heat kindly. Yesterday, as I was working away in our hot-ish flat, it emitted worrying noises. The little fan inside seemed about to collapse, it was spinning like mad and the computer sounded like an unshorn Merino sheep in the Sahari desert at lunchtime. But we’re managing okay today. No funny noises. While my computer does not complain directly, a friend in Lyon did so via email, telling me how terrible the temperatures made her feel. I actually don’t mind the weather so much, because there are already dry, brown leaves blowing about the streets, September will be upon us soon and then autumn and winter. So I decided to cherish the heat, wear flimsy dresses and shower at least twice a day without moaning. In a little while, around six pm, I will take Lucy to the pool for a quick swim and cool down, when the heat starts to subside slowly and the sun doesn’t sizzle your skin away within 15 minutes. So life’s great, even in the heat if you only allow it to be, and that’s what we’re trying to do :).
Take care and happy ‘rentrée‘!

4 Responses to “Still bloggin’”

  1. birgefamily Says:

    Birgit, would you become my personal life coach, please?

    I am sitting in the heat and hate it, I should have gone to live in Norway, I guess. And also at the moment everything goes wrong, maybe I am having a ‘bad hair months?’ But every time I read your blog it brings me back down to earth and I am trying to become a better person, at least a person with a positive attitude 😉
    Thank you for that!

    (… and please be easy with my English)

    • birolilu Says:

      Birge, my dear, I am sure it’s all the hairdresser’s fault! It’s not a bad cut, but it’s just not funky enough for you… can’t you get it sorted in SF? I am sure they must have excellent coiffeurs there… 🙂
      And Birge, I am sure you would HATE Norway — just think dark winters and freezing cold, big coats and no shorts… Hope to see you again soon, on your return to Germany next year? It was WONDERFUL that meeting up worked out so well in Munich. Don’t you just cherish the chaotic (or I have decided to now called it ‘organic’) lifestyle just as much as I do? That reminds me, I have to blog about this right now, a big hug from your friend who has survived so many bad hair days, she can’t count them anymore… :*

  2. Julianne Says:

    Birbgit, I love the heat – perhaps because we dont get it. David and I are off to Malta for vacation tomorrow and I anticipate 33 C fvor the next week with maybe 26 – 30 for the final week – I will relax because it si sun and warm.

    If all is oggd I will visit Lyon mid November and hope to catch up – but wont be so watm them. Take care. Julianne

  3. birolilu Says:

    Hi Julianne, how good to hear from you, hope you get to enjoy loads of heat in Malta — sounds great to me, I am still a fan of the heat, particularly since we’re now down to a refreshing 27 -33 degrees and with no hot wind from the South blowing. Hope to see you in November, that would be fab! Have fun and lots of love to you and David (and Morwenna too, but I am under the impression she’s not with you?),


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