Hello from Zurich

28 June 2011

just a quick real-time report from my adventurous journey! I am hanging out at Starbucks in Zurich (just because they give you internet access) and am drinking the most expensive water of my life. But it’s worth it — I have just skyped with my family and now I can blog, perfect if you have to kill an hour before boarding a train.
I got here late this afternoon on the coach from Lyon. The coach ride was a cool experience in two ways: Firstly, the climate control worked perfectly and the bus was lovely and chilled on the inside while it was boiling hot outside. Secondly, I felt like I was in another country on four wheels. This coach I had taken was bound for Romania. It was full of Romanians. A young Canandian girl (who happened to travel with a Romanian) and I were the only people of other nationalities aboard. This was so bizarre: Even the drivers spoke neither English nor French, EVERYTHING was done in Romanian, that is, except the music. This was 70s -90s rock music in English including gems like Brian Adams, the Scorpions and ARRGGGHHH – WHITNEY HOUSTON and CELINE DION!!!! But that was kind of cool too — at least I did not feel too much of a foreigner in a weird country with 50 seats and 4 wheels.

So now I am sitting here after I made it to one of the municipal libraries to do some work and having some dinner. This is what I had:

A most expensive and kind of mediocre pretending-to-be-turkish dish

It was okay, although I could have done this at home!!! 🙂
I really liked the tzatziki, I had it all. It was only afterwards that I realized that I will be sleeping on the train tonight possibly sharing a compartment with 5 other women. I guess it’s tough for them — I just followed my instincts when I ordered this tzatziki :). Besides, I have no idea what my travelling companions will have eaten for dinner.

I better go now, my time surfing is almost up, my laptop battery down and my train will be here in a little while. I hope I will have as much fun tomorrow as I had today — I will meet my couchsurfing hostess in the evening!


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