I am quite alright, thank you very much…

23 June 2011

because yes, I can see clearly again, my mouth feels okay and so do my lips, no feeling of burning and swelling, that has just subsided with some ‘yoghurt-therapy’ ….
I bought these little beauties at the market on Wednesday, the lot for just one Euro.

gorgeous red beauties
Don’t they look as if they make wonderful roast peppers? Or so I thought. I cut one up to eat with my lunch today and it turns out, they are chillies. Chillies of monstrous size. And damn hot they are too. When I’d eaten a bite and was immediately hit by a wave of HOT!, I wiped my eyes in surprise. This was a reflex that turned out to be rather painful…. then my lips started burning and so did my nose. I had not washed my hands after cutting the beasts, because I was thinking I had dealt with delicious peppers… Anyway, I had yoghurt for lunch. Lovely, cool, soothing creamy yoghurt and Feta cheese. It’s a shame you can’t really slap dairy products on your eyes too. Unfortunately, I wasn’t alone while all this happened: Linus was home to see me eat and suffer and — of course — laugh his head off 🙂 . Anyway, I have now washed my hands and I think the chillies are on their way out. Lesson learned: It’s okay to ask before you buy.
PS: AAARGHH — I still seem to have this capsaicin on my hands ( I washed them thoroughly) because I rubbed my eyes and yes, they are burning again. Is this beneficial to your health???


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