Hello again from Lyon!

15 June 2011

… We’re pleased to be back with much to write about. According to our stats, people are still visiting the site. It’s great that we have not lost everybody over the past 4 weeks :).

So, where to start? I am not sure, but maybe I’ll just start with how we are.

There are still four of us, although a long time ago and in a silly mood, we tried feeding the youngest of our offspring to a monster that resides near the Fourvière in Lyon. The monster rejected the offer and we are ecstatic that our daughter is still living with us instead of spending a sad zombie existence in the underwold of Lyon :).

Here in France, the last day of term will be the 1st of July. This is only a couple of weeks away and so, naturally, the winddown has already started. Linus, for example, has a day off from school today and I have no idea why. Tomorrow and on Friday he has very short revision days, then he has three exams to sit and that’s it, the remainder of the two weeks will be spent getting into the frame of mind for the holidays. I love that! 😉 And he has worked really hard this year, because he took some GCSE’s as well as numerous mock exams for the brevet and he has also participated in the “International Award Programme”, which is the equivalent to the ‘Duke of Edinburgh Award‘ in England. Although it was a lot of work, he loved the whole experience and has just last week been on a camping ‘expedition’, as they call it, in the wilderness. This included long hikes with heavy backpacks, cooking on a gas powered camping cooker in front of the tent, no showers for three days and numerous arguments and discussions with the other three boys in his group about all sorts of things, such as whether to take salt on the trip or whether this would be too heavy to carry. You know, the important stuff in life. But it turned out that one of the boys deliberately left the salt and sugar that Linus had put in little containers weighing a max of 75g at school. Instead he took 4 sachets of salt and sugar from the cantine assuming that the quantities would suffice to season rice and porridge for four boys on three days. When the others found out, he got hell 🙂 and the food was not particularly exciting. This boy will never leave salt and sugar behind due to its potentially excessive weight again… When Linus returned home he appreciated the pasta bake we had for dinner big time. This bake contained just the right quantity of salt. But apart from that, he was happy-happy-happy with his adventure and he would love to do the next level, the silver award, next year.
Lucy is growing up big time and becoming more confident and argumentative than she has been in the past. I guess it’s a good thing in a girl? She still hangs out with this wild bunch of girls at school and I think a laser tagging birthday party one of the girls had was a particular highlight in Lucy’s life 🙂 . She is desperate to take us along and go shooting, hiding and hunting again in this dark warehouse in Lyon. I am not sure it’s my kind of thing, but I will give it a try.
For Rolf and me, life in Lyon is good… we have recently been to a wine tasting organized by friends of ours and that was great. I always assumed that wine tasting in France is a serious matter with sophisticated people discussing all sorts of aspects on wine, but no! This wine tasting was so much fun, we did talk a lot, and learned about wine, but mostly it was throwing in your opinion on the colour, smell and taste — anything went (as long as you stick with the major categories to describe the smell) and nobody would argue. Really, this was a sophisticated way of getting drunk. We tasted six wines that evening, i.e. six bottles between 8 people. The wines were so very different. I liked all of them bar one which tasted, according to my bench neighbour, of wild boar :). As soon as he had mentioned the ‘wilderness beast taste’, the penny dropped and I saw so clearly WHY I didn’t like it… I need to have another wine tasting! SOON!
I have to go now — I could go on rambling, a 4 week break produces a lot of stuff that one can share with the world :), but the coffee is waiting and I have to start the day. We will be back soon! Have a great day.

2 Responses to “Hello again from Lyon!”

  1. Marion Says:

    Thanks God, you are back blogging, I feel I have been really cut off from you, I so much enjoy reading your blog! xx

  2. birolilu Says:

    Marion, darling, what a lovely thing to say. I’m pleased to be back too and full of stuff to write about… 🙂 ! Looking forward to seeing you guys in August! Bx

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