The mystery baguettes

22 April 2011

We have had these mystery baguettes sitting in a box in our pantry for months. They are of the sort that you shove in the oven for ten minutes on a Sunday morning if you have nothing better to eat. We obviously always have something better to eat (like pancakes), because the expiry date for these little darlings was October 2010. Why to I keep them? What’s the mystery? Look:

See what I mean? These baguettes are in a vacuum. They are shrunk and the packaging is really hard and stiff. Only, when I bought these baguettes, there was air in the package and the baguettes were soft. So what has happened here? I have no idea, nor has anybody who I have shown these baguettes to. No remotely plausible theory is in sight. The only things that come to my mind are something to do with aliens, parallel universes and that sort of thing. Has anybody out there an explanation that is less far fetched?


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