Pain, pain, pain

18 April 2011

… and I’m not talking French bread here. The kids and I are in pain. We have stiff muscles from climbing trees at the weekend. We finally got round to celebrating Lucy’s 10th birthday with her friends. This was party no. 1, for her English-speaking friends. We still have party no 2 to plan and execute, this will be with her German speaking friends. Two completely different crowds of girls that require two different kinds of parties.
With the English speaking girls, we went to a beautiful climbing parc in high up in the trees above Lyon. My children who are, thanks to their weekly climbing sessions, not at all afraid of heights, love this kind of thing. I love it too, but for me it sometimes takes a bit courage to jump from one platform to another with nothing but 5m of fresh air and a few leaves between you and the ground. Of course you’re wearing a safety harness and things, but for me it is still scary and I always have a sense of achievement when I overcome my fear and safely reach the other side 🙂 . But Lucy’s friends are an amazing bunch of fearless amazon-like girls. They all went for it, they loved it and couldn’t get enough of climbing around, balancing across tight ropes, zip-wiring down from the tree tops. In fact, they did neither panic nor get scared when we got stuck in the tree tops for at least a good half hour. This was due to some silly guys on a stag do, one of them sporting a pink wig under his safety helmet, who were messing around really badly, trying to scare each other by making tightropes wobble and the already challenging crossings very hard. I think they were a bit drunk as well, which didn’t help. Anyway, we got held up, the party (supposedly) finished and we were still stuck in the trees with some of the girls’ dads sitting way down below, looking up at us and waiting patiently for us to return to the ground. Luckily, they were all pretty laid back and nice about this.
But all in all, this was a brilliant birthday party, because all I had to do was to prepare a picnic, get up in the trees with the girls and the rest of the time, they just played and had fun.
So definitely something I would do again, but maybe, just maybe, I allow Rolf to do the tree climbing with the girls next time to spare my muscles … 🙂 Yes, Rolf is the only one not in pain, because he was guarding the picnic for us in a deckchair … Have a great day!


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