I don’t think I’ll move to Iceland just yet

11 April 2011

I can’t believe I am blogging again. I should be doing other things, but I just have the urge to inform my dear readers that I have changed my mind about Iceland. I am being really shallow here, but it’s the weather. We were here yesterday:

Le Lac des Sapins in Beaujolais

And we took photos of


... and more splashes

I also found some fish that looked kind of fresh but was nevertheless in sad state.

Someone must have forgotten the poor guys

Of course, I went right into resus mode and did chest compressions. (I refrained from doing mouth-to-mouth). Afterwards, I released them back into the wild

... and they floated happily? -- you can't really tell with fish -- on the surface of the lake.

When I looked again, they were gone. Had they swum away? Had some predator caught them? I don’t know. I just couldn’t bear the thought of leaving the two fish rotting away in a plastic bag in the sunshine. I don’t even want to think about the various smells, physical changes and colours associated with the process. But then, may be this was an experiment by some curious kid? I know that children do this kind of thing. Linus once suggested to one of his mates to mix fresh yeast and sugar and leave it out in the sun for a period of time. Of course, the boy was happy to conduct this exciting experiment… The end result must have been absolutely disgusting. The boy apparently posted a photo of the slimy, fly covered mess. Luckily he was not able to send smell samples via email :).
But enough of this morbid stuff, after all we had a pleasant day yesterday!
There were

alleys with cherry trees in full blossom

dandelion to enhance the look of one's feet

blue-green water

... and green, green grass.

This is why I am not ready to move just yet to the North of Europe. I have a feeling that Iceland might not be quite so sweet and lovely during spring, autumn or winter…


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