I want to be an Icelandic football fan

10 April 2011

We have been to watch the game. The Olympique Lyonnais girls really kicked a…. They scored two goals within the first 10 minutes of the game and thus secured a 2-0 victory against Arsenal Ladies FC. I have to say, I enjoyed the experience. And I made the most of it. Of course we were for OL, because we live here, and we did the works: The Mexican wave, shouting, clapping, screaming, whooping… we did get properly excited 🙂 . The atmosphere was also conducive to getting excited, we had proper football fans sitting right in front of us and we just tuned into their feelings and had outbursts of emotion whenever they got agitated :). There was also a crowd of hard core fans with drums, a megaphone, flags… they were the male equivalent to cheer leaders and they led the spectators on with chanting, clapping, waving, booing… they covered a wide spectrum. The game was an interesting experience for me, because I now have an understanding of WHY people go to watch football. You can immerse yourself into a crowd and get an instant group-feeling. Then you can let out a range of emotions that are kept well under control in everyday life — outbursts of happiness, tears, anger, screams of suspension…. And if the game should be a bit boring, you can always do a Mexican wave to enhance the ‘group cohesion’. I did enjoy myself immensely. It was fascinating to watch the game and soak up the atmosphere. We will definitely go again (but only if we get the tickets for free). By the way, all my worries about taking a picnic were unnecessary. I think I could in fact have taken one. We only had a plastic bottle of water with us (badly needed, it was so hot in the stadium, the sun was incredibly strong) and got in without having our bags checked. The game wasn’t sold out, there were only 20123 spectators who filled about half the stadium, I guess that’s why the atmosphere was so relaxed… people were smoking and kids were running around.
All in all a great evening. But have you read the news today about the referendum in Iceland? THAT has really made my Sunday so far. I find it very cool that the Icelanders say NO to saving their bank with taxpayer’s money. I wish we as citizens were empowered to have some sort of say in what is happening with our money. Admittedly, I have very limited understanding of how financial markets work, but from my limited view I am under the impression that the banks have too much freedom to mess up because they are being rescued by governments (i.e. taxpayers money) anyway if things go wrong. And obviously, they get a brilliant grip on the individual that’s taking out a loan too. Ah, it makes me angry. For the past few days, I have kept milling over this sentence that I read in an article about pensioners who lost their live savings to shoddy property investors:
“Your money is not lost, it’s just with someone else.”
Sickening, ey? Today, I want to be an Icelandic football fan — I would live in an empowered state of eternal bliss! 🙂


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