We’re going out…

8 April 2011

Yes, we are. Tonight and tomorrow. Pretty tough agenda for 40-somethings like us, but I am sure we’ll manage :).
But before I tell you all about our exciting life, here is something I would LOVE to have in preparation for the big day, the 29th of April: Royal wedding sickbags. I think this is a wonderful idea to soothe the feelings that all the fuss about this event gives me. I won’t watch the telly on the day, but if I should, I will keep bag handy… If you should read this, THANK you Juliane, for posting this on facebook :).

But I have to move on swiftly, because my man and I will be going to the HOT CLUB tonight. This is supposed to be a cool place, the oldest Jazz club in Lyon. (It opened in 1948). Tonight they are playing nujazz, whatever that may be. It’s a perfect night for going out, it’s hot in Lyon, we’ve gone straight from winter to summer with just a few days of April weather in March to make for a smoother transition. We have temperatures of about 25º C during the day and I am hopeful that it stays like this for a bit longer. The main thing is that the weather is supposed to stay great over the weekend, because tomorrow we will watch a game of footie. Me. Can you imagine? For those who don’t know me: I have never watched a game of football in my life. But it is an experience I don’t want to miss and we were given free tickets. So Saturday night we’ll all go to the Stade de Gerland and watch a Champions League game of Olympique Lyonnais vs Arsenal. Before any football fans out there go green with envy — this is a game of the Women’s Champions League. So I reckon this will be a different kind of football experience? I will ask my man, he can compare it with a game at Wembley between all male teams. I am getting a bit excited about going, particularly if the weather is nice. Should I take a picnic or is this not the done thing with football? But hooligans come to my mind when I think of football, so they probably do not allow any glass bottles or cutlery in the stadium. But anyway, I guess it won’t be like the races at Ascot or Tennis at Wimbledon, so I best leave the bubbly and strawberries at home… ;).

Got to go and try to doll myself up a bit, then again, maybe I can’t be bothered and just go in a state of natural beauty? Ah, decisions, decisions. I think I’ll go for the natural beauty look … have a great night and come back soon to read my report on the Women’s Champions League football..


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