Enjoy the day!

29 March 2011

There may not be many more to come, according to a former-civil engineer called Mr Camping who warns that the end of the world is nigh. On the 21.5.2011 at around 6pm to be precise. Will that be GMT? This man lives in the States, maybe it will be local bible belt time. I should be doing other stuff right now, but I feel it is my duty to warn you, to get prepared, to travel the country one last time, go inline skating or eat that cream cake… whatever. This man has predicted the end of the world before — he was wrong then, but maybe he will be right this time? It’s obvious really that the world is about to end, because the signs are there: the tragic events in Japan are precursors for the impending doom. His prediction is based on a complicated calculation of some holy figures which amounted to 722,500. YES, YES, this is the magic number, because on said 21.5.2011, it will be 722,500 days since Jesus was crucified. That is on the assumption that the crucifixion happened on 1 April AD33. How on earth does Mr Camping know it happened on that day? Anyway, I haven’t studied the bible for 70 years as he has. Read the article, be amazed. I have fulfilled my duty and will carry on as normal until the end of the world comes, because there is always washing to be done and fun to be had 🙂 . Have a super day!!


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