Darth Vader in a cup

22 March 2011

I am not a fan of Star Wars. Lucy is, but her enthusiasm is slowly waning in favour of Narnia. The books, the films, everything really. Even Harry Potter can’t compete anymore. But I am going off on a tangent… What I really want to talk about is coffee. And Darth Vader. Do you think he can drink with that mask over his face? I am not sure. But I can drink. And since I moved to France about 18 months ago, I have gone back to drinking coffee. Me, the woman who used to drink hot water instead of tea or coffee for years and years. But there is a cause behind my growing fondness of coffee. It all started off in the summer of 2009 when we were en route from the UK to Lyon. I was so knackered after hours and hours of driving that I had a ‘remedial’ café, which is the same as an Italian Espresso. Boy, that coffee hit me like a hammer. It made me drive on alright for another few hours, trembling and sweating behind the steering wheel. From that day on, I have indulged in drinking coffee, because it gives me a nice rush of some sort. I don’t drink huge amounts, because I have a natural disposition to react sensitively to caffeine, even a hot chocolate will wake me up or make me nervous, but I am okay with a cup or so a day. This habit has now become ritualized, because Rolf and I have an espresso every morning before he goes to work (and I stay here and do …this 🙂 ) Anyway. Recently I have taken to drinking the most indigestible mix of coffee and milk (according to natural therapists) : café au lait. I drink it anyway and while I make the espresso, my man lovingly heats and foams and froths milk for me, which he then pours into the coffee and voilà, everyday I have a great new picture in my cup to marvel at. Often they are cute but boring things like bunny rabbits, trees, teddy bears, frolicking dolphins…. but today it was…

YES, DARTH VADER himself!! Can you see him as clearly as I can?
I am now greatly encouraged to drink even more coffee — It makes me feel so powerful to be able to slurp away evil characters. Maybe I can have Gaddafi tomorrow?

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