Stepping back in time

17 March 2011

How easy is it to catch up with the past? Very easy. Today, I went to a meeting with some volunteers who are planning to set up a charity  for  anglophone cancer patients in our region. The volunteers will accompany patients in need of support to clinic appointments, etc. and we’ll also be a resource for advice issues such as insurance matters. To me, this is such a worthwhile undertaking that I would like to be part of it. It was good to discuss with the few current helpers how to best get the charity off the ground — at present, there are not even enough volunteers to qualify for charity status — but we were planning, discussing, throwing ideas about. It was great and it took me right back to team meetings of the past and the wonderfully easy and informal manner in which the British hold meetings. There is so much emphasis on synergy. I slipped right back into this mode (and loved it.)….  Oh, I miss my old job sometimes. So on top of my Uni project, I will in the future dedicate a little bit of time to this project, I am sure I will meet interesting people and learn a lot.

But I went even further back into the past today, to the year 1999, to be exact. Do you remember what was on telly in the UK during that year? I had long forgotten, but just this morning I happened to talk to Rolf about it and we eventually managed to recall the name of the series. It’s SPACED. You can actually watch episode 1 on you tube:

I only recommend it because I watched it and still love the quirky-crazy plot, all the aliens, and the weird characters, in particular Marsha and Brian …  It think it is still amazingly watchable. And that’s what I will do now. I will watch another episode… have a good evening!





One Response to “Stepping back in time”

  1. birgefamily Says:

    Hi, this is Marsha writing ;-*

    I actually stumbled upon Tim, Daisy and unforgettable Mike here in the USA. Wonder how they got here.

    and btw, I am not a landlady anymore but a graphic designer who is willing to help out with your charitystuff – Darling

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