I think I am officially past my sell-by date

23 February 2011

… and this has not anything to do with me turning a year older in the recent past:  I just read this post about mobile phones in restaurants and I absolutely don’t agree with the author. I AGREE WITH HIS MOM!!! It gets on my nerves when you are at a restaurant with people who keep checking their phones for messages or who keep using it in any other way. I am all with the guy’s mom who thinks it’s rude. If this means that I am

  • past my prime, and/ or
  • have lost touch with the modern world, or
  • that maybe I  am just a 40 odd-year-old fossil-stuck-in-the-past

then so be it. I don’t think I care, in fact, I find it quite liberating that I don’t feel I have to keep up with the breakneck-speed of social life that comes with making yourself available 24/7 by means of little electronic gadgets. If you want to keep up with my personal development, keep reading this blog and you will witness my personal transformation into a grumpy old woman (I found that TV series really funny actually) over the course of the next decade or so 🙂 . In fact, this natural transformation that people go through might make an interesting longitudinal study  for budding sociologists: A content analysis of blog entries over the course of a blogger’s life. Maybe by doing this, you could pin-point exactly when the transition from groovy to grumpy takes place?  … HELP, I just realized that groovy is a term that was fashionable in the 70s … 🙂


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