Trying to teach our kids something

20 February 2011

Do you remember my post about teaching your kids how to manage the computer? A month and a bit later, I think we have cracked the problem. Since above mentioned post, Linus has had to log his use of the computer in a diary. He is keeping track on

  • time spent on the computer,
  • type of activity : social stuff (like facebooking, skyping, chatting via gmail, etc…), programming, gaming, homework, listening to music….
  • outcome of above activity.

In addition, we negotiate the time he is allowed to spend on the computer on a daily basis, sometimes his homework means that he has to spend more time on the computer, for example for writing essays, creating a website for a recent school project, things like that, other times he his allowed a certain amount of time to play games. This is always timed and he has to finished after the assigned time has elapsed, no matter how exciting the game may be at that moment.

I am so pleased to report that this strategy is working very well at the moment. Just this morning we had a short feedback session and Linus is happy with the arrangement. He feels he is using the computer more creatively now, he has recently rediscovered his Lego NXT ‘robotic programming kit’. He builds robots now and modifies the pre programmed features so that these machines are able to do more interesting things. I am tempted to sew a white fluffy suit with floppy ears and big black eyes for his robot to make it look awwwh, so cute when it is zooming through the flat . My son is not amused … :).

At the same time, I am trying to teach my daughter more basic things such as … Boys are human too :). Why? Look at the poster below that suddenly appeared on the door to her room:

It reads: Please knock & Boys are not allowed.

Admittedly, this is far more basic than teaching a child how to use a computer, but then, maybe it’s just the phase girls go through before boys become soooo attractive that you wish your daughter was 10 again and to her most boys were just stupid creatures that do not understand about horses and being beautiful :).

Have a good day!!!


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