It’s cold, brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

1 February 2011

We have just been on a short but sweet trip to Germany. We went from Friday afternoon until Monday morning, ca 1pm. We spent 19 hours on the road in total. Spending so much time on the road over the course of one weekend is ridiculous, I know, but it was worth it. We never like to miss a good party and it was Rolf’s dad’s birthday, so we just had to go. But we also managed to see my side of the family and were fed lovely things (cake, savoury delicacies) by everybody who took us in…
So all in all a weekend well spent. I also feel as if we have been away much longer, our time in Germany was so jam-packed, somehow it seems that we spent at least 4 or 5 days there. But I am paying the price now, I still feel full from all the eating and I am pretty tired. The perfect antidote came along today: Exercise in fresh air. Yes, I went SKIING this morning. A dream come true for me. I have been wanting to ski for a long time, but downhill skiing in France is frightfully expensive (by my standards anyway) and so we haven’t been as a family. This morning I went cross country skiing with three other girls. In fact, the three other girls went cross country skiing, I was doing funny things with skis attached to my feet. I haven’t been on a pair of skis since I was 7 or so and I never had any proper tuition, so imagine how graceful I must have looked doing my thing (can’t call this skiing really) on the slopes. But it was such good fun. The best thing about the outing is that we set out 8am this morning, managed to do a good 2 hours of skiing and were back in Lyon by about 2pm. I am glad we only did two hours of exercise, because I reckon that tomorrow not my legs (I cycle so much, my legs are used to working out) but my arms will kill me: Due to the utter lack of coordinated leg movement, my arms had to make up for a lot. There is nothing more embarrassing than sliding down a hill backwards, I guess, so my arms had to work hard where my legs just were unable to. I really need to sort the leg action out next time I go. It’s all so complicated! The worst thing is that, when doing cross country skiing, 60-70 year olds in brightly coloured skiing clothes whizz past you, at scary speeds, with elegant strides and full control of the skis. But maybe you have to be at least 60 and fit as a fiddle to be good at this sport … We came back from the sunshine in the mountains to a grey and miserable Lyon. It’s been like this for a few days now, and it is really very cold here. I never seem to get warm these days, not even on the bike. So I have taken to cooking hot and spicy stews, which warm us up from inside. This nasty kind of weather just makes me long for spring. I can’t change the weather, but I can give you a bit of summer sunshine and romantic feeling in this cold, cold time of year via you tube. Watch this and love this… The original is by Tom Waits and not quite so sweet…

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