23 January 2011

It’s Sunday night — again. Why, oh why does the weekend always seem to disappear so quickly? I cherish the weekend, because I can hang out and do stuff that is not really important, but which give me heaps of pleasure like inline skating with Lucy, cooking and baking, watching films or sewing hearts — what else? — with her. She and her two best friends have a little project going, they are producing lots of things and want to sell it for loads of money. These little heart shaped cushions are the latest addition to their constantly growing amount of stock. Their merchandise includes stuff that is far less hot than flowery heart shaped cushions, such as scoobido- keyrings, writing paper with hand-made drawings and, I think, hand-drawn pictures of the Harry Potter characters… There is already a big box full of stuff at Lucy’s friend’s house and it is so sweet that they are making all these plans. Apart from getting rich quickly, I guess, the most important aspect about this project is the bonding that happens in the process of planning, agreeing on prices and having sleep-overs so you can produce items to sell. The hearts are all over Lucy’s room now. The girls bought 12 metres of fabric at the weekend, so they can produce hearts for everybody in Lyon… I hope they make at least a bit of money when they eventually set up their stall at the car boot sale. Maybe I will go and bribe people to buy a scoobi-do thing for 20 cents, the prices they have fixed aren’t really that high, I will try to recruit some ‘mystery shoppers’ :).
What else is happening? The cold weather is back! BRRRR! We’ve 2 degrees Celsius plus a nasty windchill which makes it feel bl….y cold outside. We go out regardless, because we have lovely sunshine and blue skies, you just have to wear lots of layers and very warm hats and then it’s great to be outside. Lucy even suggested to have a picnic today. That was before she had stepped out. I can’t wait for the warm weather to return.
Last night, we had planned to invite some friends for dinner. Only one person could make it! Shame! All the others were either ill, in Rome (what an excuse!), or had friends from out of town visiting. In the end, we only had Lucy’s friend and a new acquaintance of mine over for dinner. She’s a lovely French girl, and thus we had our first dinner party mostly in French. I was again shocked at the level of French that Rolf has — he knows so much vocabulary and he can conjugate in all sorts of times, I, on the contrary, on various occasions ended up in a muddle of a sentence that was way too long. When this happened, our French friend just laughed at me and wondered what the hell I had been going to say… To be honest, by the time she asked me, I had forgotten myself. Oh French, it’s such an elusive language. Whenever I think I have some sort of grasp, something happens that knocks my confidence 🙂 Today, Linus talked us through the subjonctif and conditionnel. He understands, Rolf does, and I… well I think I just live in the past, present and futur proche, even futur simple, but I will just not allow any ‘what ifs’ to disturb me and those intricate sentences I construct. At least not in French. At least not for the time being.
Have a good start to the week!

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