From the library

10 January 2011

Today I’m reporting from the library at the children’s school. Right now I am stuck in the college library until 3 pm, afterwards I’ll do the primary library with the little ones. I do this every couple of weeks and it’s quite rewarding and pleasant, a great opportunity to catch up on gossip and see what the kids are up to. But it can be a pain in the neck as well. Just about 10 minutes ago I had the library room bursting at the seams with 25 hormonal teenagers and the noise and interaction that goes with a crowd of adolescents. I am glad some of them have now gone back to their lessons. I hope that no one is secretly peeking over my shoulder and reading this….:). But it seems they are all busy interacting with their mates and no one is paying particular attention to me… Yes, my life is exciting… At the weekend, I went to a Befana party at an Italian couples’ house. When I received the invite, I had no idea what Befana is, but Lucy, who has some Italian children in her class, told me that Befana is a old lady who travels on broomstick, not a witch though, and she delivers sweets to Italian children on the 6th of January.
Where was I? Just had to shout to keep the kid’s in check. Maybe I should kick some of them out, because it’s ever so busy again.
Ah, Befana. Yes, I think it’s a great custom and I got very nice sweets at the party too. But it took some effort to actually go out, because the party did not start until 9pm. I was ready to go to bed when it was time to leave the house… I remember times when I did not even consider going out before 10pm. .. what’s happening to me? But experience tells me that it is usually worth the effort to resist the ‘call of the duvet’ and to step out for some fun instead: I didn’t regret fighting the slob inside this weekend, because I managed to stay out until about 2am. And it’s so bizarre, having a late night with nice people makes me FEEL younger the next day, though not necessarily LOOK younger. I just avoid the mirror the day after and take things easy and watch some movies.
We have just seen two films: Inception — highly overrated and about 45 minutes too long, but that’s just my humble opinion. If you are into minblowingly complex plots including a number of parallel universes and something like a ‘team catharsis’ towards a sudden (and, of course, happy end, because it’s an American film,) then this is your movie. For me, the story was too much like old wine in new bottles — we found close parallels to ‘Narnia’ and ‘the Matrix’ without even looking too hard. Linus, as usual, appreciated the numerous explosions immensely. The second film was the ‘Banksy movie’ which is called ‘Exit through the giftshop‘. It’s made to look like an amateur documentary on street artists, including footage of Banksy, but also Shepard Fairey, Space invader and others. A really well paced, interesting, creative and captivating film with some fantastic music. I love the playfulness in the art that these guys produce, it really puts me in a good mood. Great film, and, in contrast to Inception, a very realistic ending… If, at some point in the distant future, I should be coming to this planet again, I want to be as creative and gutsy as the real artists are…For the time being I shall hover on the fringes of creativity and carry on blogging, carrying removal boxes to school to support creative projects (I took 10 removal boxes to school on the bus today, I should have taken the car.. but the boxes are here now) and create little bits and pieces together with Lucy, which normally come in heart shapes… 🙂
Have a good start to the week!

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