All things X-massy

25 December 2010

Snow — just the right amount. It’s nothing like Germany, it’s just a thin powdery cover of the cold white stuff on the road. Perfect. You can still drive and walk everywhere safely.

Mass — we went to the family service at the Fourvière yesterday. This was beautiful: The basilica was festively lit with literally hundreds of candles, the singing was just marvellous (I have only been to church twice in France, but on both occasions the ‘lead singers’ have been incredibly good).

Food — Stollen, potato salad, and smoked mackerel, chocolates, chocolates and more chocolates…

Presents — Of course. Lovely things. Amongst warm socks, glittery diamonds for the window (oh, I had wanted those for such a long time), musical instruments and a ‘Hogwarts’ quill etc… a little book that Lucy got:

I read it last night, it took only half an hour or so. This book is wonderful, it’s sad and happy, truly touching and written ever so cleverly. It’s a diary in the form of a poem written by a little boy who does not want to learn about poetry in class. It’s about learning to love poetry and the loss of a beloved pet. It’s about inspirational teaching… I just notice that this description does not do the book justice. If you can, just read it, it’s such a treasure.

Visiting family — Not this year, the weather in Germany is too grim. We were still hoping for a heatwave in Germany on the 20th of December, but then we finally accepted that this was not meant to happen. We were all a bit disappointed, but we have nice things planned in Lyon. Today, we’ll go hiking in the Beaujolais. Tomorrow we have invited friends who are also staying in Lyon for a ‘leftover party’. Leftover food that is, not people in Lyon 🙂 . We’ve asked everybody to bring their leftovers for a buffet and I will make a ‘cauldron’ of mulled wine. The programme for the afternoon will be chatting, eating, playing, karaoke…. I am rather excited!

And the un-christmassy bit

Rolf go this DVD collection…

Everybody reading this who lived in Britain during the last decade will know this. Everybody who doesn’t, let me tell you it’s hilarious, but heretical. We watched until a quarter to one last night. If you want to get a taste of it, there are short extracts on YouTube.

And this is the end of our report from Lyon 🙂 … I wish you all a wonderful Christmas. I realize I am rather late, but I still have some Christmas cards to write this morning… so I better get those done. And no, I won’t be posting them by snail-mail.

Have a great day!

One Response to “All things X-massy”

  1. Birge Says:

    Merry Christmas! We’re kind of leftovers ourselves and chocolate… oh yeah… but now we’re on our way to New York (snow!) wish us luck. I’m always.

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