One notch up from geocaching

23 December 2010

We are big fans of geocaching. There is something satisfying about tromping about in the woods trying to locate some plastic tupper-ware or metal ammunition box filled with used hairbands, keyrings or bouncy rubber balls, etc… We love it, especially when we find a travel bug. They are the ultimate treat and we love the quirky missions these objects are on. Recently we have taken the idea of geocaching up one notch:
By accident, we left our tripod in our holiday hut in Italy. Our lovely landlady M. offered to post it to us, but I found that too expensive. So I had the idea of retrieving this tripod via a chain of people we know. This is the ‘tripod journey’:
From Italy it went to Switzerland with M. who went on a trip there. She handed it over to my cousin J. at the train station in Lucerne. My cousin J. then passed it to her brother, my cousin S., who had been visiting her. He took it to his hometown F. in the northwest of Germany. I got a phone call from my uncle P. (who lives in Munich) yesterday, informing me of the item’s current location. And there the journey ends. For now. We were supposed to collect the tripod during the Christmas holidays and take it back to France. But since the weather and road conditions in Germany are appalling, we have decided to stay in spring-like Lyon where we have temperatures of about 10 degrees Celsius. Plus that is, not minus. I have to say I am amazed how well all this has worked out. And I think the concept of using personal contacts to ship items across countries for favours is really fascinating. I am now thinking about what I could send somewhere next. In fact I have already done it with a bottle of special shower gel that I bought for my sister in Maastricht, and which I left with my friend A. in Aachen. She will take it with her on Christmas to her in-laws house in my hometown. There, my sister’s husband J. can pick it up, because he is a good friend of my friends’ husband’s brother F. Oh, I’ll stop now, this is complicated. But only in terms of the relationships between the people. The journey of this second item is fairly simple. I shall think of a more complex one next. Maybe, just maybe something involving Egypt, Bahrain and Switzerland? — I skyped with my friend N. last night. She lives in Bahrain, will be going to Egypt for the holidays, and she and I are then hoping to meet in Geneva in January. Just need to find the object now… 🙂

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