Are these MY children?

9 December 2010

I am wondering tonight… are these two kids that share our appartement and life with us REALLY my children?They are just soooo sensible sometimes… Last night we went out with them to the fête de lumière. As last year, it was wonderful, lots of funky and fun light installations all over town, masses of people, free public transport… We were actually out with lovely people for about, ehm, three minutes. Linus had ‘hooked us up’ — he’d rung his friend to arrange to meet in town and the boy’s parents invited us straight over to an apéro beforehand. This was lovely, because they are really nice American people — you know, easy to talk to and just so uncomplicated. We went all out together, but we were on our own with Lucy just a few minutes after stepping out, it was just so crowded. But we met them again later, when they reunited Linus with us. He’d been out alone with two friends too, because the boys had the remainder of our small group too other. Anyway, at about half past nine, when Linus was back with us, both children BEGGED us to be taken home… I would so have enjoyed staying out a bit longer and see a few more light installations. But the children wanted to sleep… Today they both told me that they wanted to go to bed early. Lucy was tired, Linus told me that he is taking his mock exam for his brevet (equivalent to GCSEs) tomorrow and needs to be well rested. How sensible is that? I am not sure that I cared so much at that age, but I am glad (and relieved) that he does. And it’s fine with me, I am happy to veg out by myself tonight (Rolf is at a Christmas do from work) and watch my annual Christmas movie Love actually…YES, I love watching it before Christmas and I am not ashamed to admit to it!!! 🙂

The other thing that happened today was that my kids ate their dinner without complaint. It’s not that they are terribly fussy everything-with-ketchup-and-no-greens-eaters, but still, they can be a bit risk averse if it comes to unusual foods. Tonight I made convenience food. My excuse is that I had spent all afternoon tidying and cleaning Linus’ room. The reason? No, not Christmas, but a wonky old Ikea Ivar shelf that collapsed last night when Linus kicked it down in his sleep… apparently it was terribly noisy when the thing came down, but I did not hear it. Just this morning Linus’ room was even more messy than usual and we had to tackle this chaos today. Anyway, all I had time for was a quick dinner and I just chucked some ravioli into boiling water. They were really nice, in fact a bit posh, mushroom and truffle ravioli, which we had with some pumpkin sauce. The children tucked in, I even had to prepare a second lot, because they gobbled them all up in no time. This surprised me, because the ravioli tasted in fact rather strongly of truffle, and I don’t think that that is a typical flavour that children appreciate, but mine loved it. Maybe it’s living in France that does that to kids. I’ll be buying truffle ravioli again tomorrow…:) because there are now none left for my hero.
Anyway, I have to watch my film now, enjoy the day and feed your kids truffles 🙂 , they might just appreciate it…


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