Hexenhaus 2010

5 December 2010

Here’s Rolf with a quick update. We had so much fun with the gingerbread house last year that we decided to build another this Advent. Of course, we had to try to better ourselves, and it all looked quite good at first. Birgit had managed to obtain salt of hartshorn (ammonium bicarbonate), which is a leavening that is traditionally used for gingerbread in Germany, and as such is not very difficult to obtain — if you are in Germany, that is. In France, it is impossible to find, unless you are incredibly resourceful, such as my lovely wife is. She put in a special order for it in a pharmacy and it was delivered within a mere matter of weeks. And what a difference that stuff makes. It’s actually way too good — the dough blew up like mad and our Hexenhäuschen ended up looking a bit like a bouncy castle. We had fun decorating it, anyhow.

Hexenhaus 2010


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