Like the rest of Western Europe

1 December 2010

… we’re snowed in. And quite badly snowed in too. At the moment we have about 7-10cm of snow in Lyon. People from my home town in Germany will laugh about this, as they are used to much much more snow, but for us it is rather a lot. Lyon, like most other cities, is chaotic at the moment, with drastically reduced public transport, lots and lots of traffic accidents, children who live in the surrounding villages stuck at school last night… But on the upside, loads of people are walking, there is much less car traffic and somehow the city is much quietened by the snow. This I find lovely, the town seems so silent compared to a snow-free Lyon. Life is always a bit different when you can’t use your normal means of transport, but I find that this zaps me out of my normal routine and makes me re-think about how to organise family life and basic things like shopping, which is not necessarily a bad thing, I guess. But I already really miss my morning workout on the bike. It does wake me up to do my 8-10 km first thing in the morning, just by doing the school run, I love it. But cycling is just not such a good idea at the moment:

This does not look too inviting to me... I am glad my bike lives in our flat

And the good old Velo'V is not an option either...

I took a Velo’V yesterday to get to the school on time (ish) and that was an exciting ride. I was so late that I left the saddle in its position, way too low for me, but this was good in the end, because I was skidding all over the place if I pulled the brake too hard. Thanks to the low saddle, I could steer my bike with my feet. I was glad that I didn’t have Lucy in tow or on the back, though :).

Lucy is so pleased to have the day off.  While we normally rush around doing all sorts of things on a Wednesday, today we’re taking it very easy. Lucy has been to her climbing class this morning (we could walk there) and for the rest of the day she is outside on our huge ‘balcony’ building snowmen, a cave and doing snow angels, we’ll be baking some more Christmas biscuits later, finish the homework  and are generally going to  enjoy having a warm and comfy home.

Snow angel in the making

Lucy’s also excited, because she has never seen such copious snowfall. And there is more to come still, according to the weather forecast we can expect heavy snowfall on Friday. I hope this weather is not going to drag on until February!

Out bright and early for a play in the snow. Don't the flakes in the foreground look good?

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