Sunday night

28 November 2010

We’ve had a very busy weekend: creative, yummy and sociable. On Friday, we went to a Thanksgiving party which was good fun. I really like Thanksgiving, it makes the wait for Christmas so much shorter… I am not sure though, if it would be so much fun without Americans. I think they are an essential ingredient for a proper Thanksgiving do. As long as we stay in Lyon, there will certainly not be a lack of Americans to celebrate Thanksgiving with, so I am looking forward to next year’s party, we’ll certainly go!

On Saturday I was sick, I had something that felt like an awful migraine, so I had to stay in while the rest of my family went to watch Harry Potter 7. They really enjoyed it and I felt left out… but it wasn’t too bad, I didn’t fancy throwing up in the cinema, so I was quite happy to stay at home in a dark room with my pounding headache.

Luckily I got better in the afternoon and we got busy baking biscuits and mince pies:

HMMMM! Mince pies

These were such a treat. We have a little shop here in Lyon that sells Anglo-saxon food and they do mincemeat. Until last night, we hadn’t had mince pies for almost two years. I am glad I bought three glasses of filling, all the pies have already gone, I will have to bake more soon. Particularly Linus was just over the moon, although Lucy tucked in as well. We also made some biscuits and Linus made some delicious chocolates:

Chocolates with Praliné filling

They are seriously good. Linus makes the praliné filling himself. We still buy the chocolate pastils for the shells, we haven’t taken a course on how to make chocolate from scratch yet…:) .

As for the creative bit of our weekend, we decorated the flat for the first of advent with an advent wreath

Advent wreath, made by me, decoration by Lucy...

... and one for the front door -- the fat angel is flying again 🙂

We also did some craft with clay last weekend and this weekend. We produced some wonderful stuff 🙂 :

Mary, Joseph and Jesus with a big nosed sheep...

... some candles for the window

... and some real heartwarming kitsch for our toilet door.

That’s just a small selection of what we made, there is jewellery from stones and there are more decorative shapes… it’s been good fun, but now I have to tidy up and then watch Shrek 3 with Rolf. Last night we saw Mission Impossible. I borrowed this film for Linus, because I suspected there would be some good explosions. The film did not disappoint. We will never see two-coloured chewing gum in the same way again. And yes, Linus wants some too, and he would definitely not chew it. Oh, by the way, I have never been a great fan of Tom Cruise and this film once again confirmed my opinion of the little man!  Mission Impossible is plain silly… can I just say pulling off silicon faces? And how on earth can a guy hang on to a TGV going at full speed and all that gets messed up is his hairdo and there is a little sweaty stain showing under his armpit? Sorry, this was too baaaad!!! Loved Jean Reno though, he’s a seriously cool guy. Even though he gets blown up by chewing gum in the end…


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