Golden opportunities in Lyon

28 November 2010

In fact, I have had a whole week of opportunities just popping up out of nowhere. The first one was a job offer to work in a really nice shop that sells British waxed cotton jackets. I took my own jacket there for some badly needed TLC and got chatting with the owner, who then offered me a job. What a wonderful thing to happen to me! I did not take the job in the end. I had several chats with the lady (in French!!!) and we both decided that it wouldn’t work out. While we share the same values in terms of customer care and would have made a good team,  she was really looking for  someone to work for her Tuesday to Saturday 10.00 -18.00. Although she was very good and happy to make a number of concessions, it ended up being to complicated. My priority is still the family and I don’t want to work on Saturdays if I don’t absolutely have to, so we decided it would not work out. It’s a pity, I would have loved to learn about how to run a shop and it would have been so exciting to deal with customers, but I am okay with the decision, really. The whole experience has just left me with a wonderful feeling: I have been offered a job out of the blue, how great is that? While I was pondering on whether to accept or not, I had another job offer from the pole emploi. This was the  coolest offer ever 🙂 : A full-time job as a nurse in a psychiatric hospital in the Dordogne. I could even live in-house! It was well paid though… But this offer really put a smile on my face. There is no way on earth that I could work in a psychiatric hospital, I think I’d end up being a patient myself within a few months. I did a four-week placement in a psychiatric hospital during my initial training and that was enough to make me aware that I am not cut out to be dealing with manic patients who sing from the top of their voice that their blood is boiling, patients in delirium tremens who see burning curtains and white mice, etc. . While I am sure that psychiatry is a fascinating field (and I have met some really cool psychiatric nurses in Britain) my personal experience of working in psychiatry left me in no doubt that this is not for me. So an offer to work far away from my family in such an environment really made me laugh. Maybe I have to change my profile on the pole emploi website to get more appropriate offers?

But this is not the end of my golden opportunity week. I had another almost irresistible offer this week while out in town with a friend. This little man approached us and wanted to sell us magazines, I think. I tried to get rid of him by saying that we both don’t speak French and sooo sorry, we can’t talk. Then we started chatting nevertheless  and within two minutes he asked us to marry him 🙂 .  He said that he was looking for a wife from abroad (don’t know why, there must be something wrong if he can’t pull a French chick, maybe?)  and when we said we were already married, he said no problem, divorce is easy in France, and yes, he would love to have both of us. I almost keeled over laughing. To get out of this most tempting of proposals, we pulled the ‘we have wonderful husbands -card’ and he kind of backed off then, but he needed to know first if our husbands were rich. We assured him of that, of course, our husbands are FILTHY RICH AND FANTASTIC LOOKING we told him, and that kind of convinced him that he really did not stand a chance with us. We left him to sell his papers and I almost wet myself laughing, because this conversation had been so bizarre, it was fab.

So, Lyon is THE place to be for weird and wonderful opportunities. Are you looking for a change of career, do you need a new husband? Come to Lyon, it’s all happening here.

Have a super Sunday!


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