Educational outings

3 November 2010

As a belated birthday treat for Linus, we went out to lunch at the Institute Bocuse in Ecully  yesterday. It was the first time we took the children and I have to say, as always, it was wonderful. And it’s educational. The children really learn about excellent food and perfect presentation :). Lucy was so inspired, she now wants to either train at the institute or become an actress (which would also be a dream). Or both, if she can find the time. The children easily made it through the five courses, because we had all skipped breakfast in the morning.

But our holidays still linger on. They have been educational too. The children are desperate to go back to the farm and work there, Rolf and I have a lot more clarity about how we want to live once we decide to settle somewhere. If we ever get to that point that is. I am quite happy to move around, life is so exciting in new places. What I know for sure is that I would not want to live the self-sufficient all-on-your-own country life that we have been dreaming about at certain periods (long ago) in our life. Living far away from other people, albeit just for a few days, has been a real eye-opener and Rolf and I have come back full of food for thought that needs digesting. I have also read an interesting book about oil, or rather the future lack of it — Why your world is about to get a whole lot smaller by Jeff Rubin — during that time. This book has also been very inspirational.

One thing that we will definitely do as a result of this holiday is to go wwoofing. When you are wwoofing, you are spending your holidays on an organic farm, where you work in exchange for food and accommodation. This will give us the opportunity to enjoy affordable holidays on organic farms, while at the same time learning a lot about farm work. The kids will hopefully learn about team work as well as giving and taking.


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