It’s all so quiet in Lyon!!

22 October 2010

At last! No riots today! Lyon suddenly seems very quiet. The shops round Place Bellecour were open, although the restaurants are still shut. There was still a lot of police present, but life was just taking it’s normal course. It felt very good today, this lack of tension in the air. On top of the calm atmosphere, the weather was fantastic, it was warm and sunny, I was out in a t-shirt and cardigan. It just made me realize yet again what a fantastic place this is, particularly in comparison with my hometown in Germany, where they are expecting the first snowfall… And here it’s sunny and peaceful again. I may come across as a bit cynical here, but I suspect that the sudden quiet may have to do with the beginning of the toussaints holidays? Since the rioting crowd consisted mostly of adolescents, I suspect they are by now a bit tired of rioting from 10am til 6pm every day and prefer going on holiday with the family now…or they are spending some weeks in jail, as many, many of them will do. The courts here in Lyon have been very efficient ( I mean this in a good way). Anyway, I am pleased it’s over for now and hope that the unrest does not flare up again after the holidays. I reckon though that the peaceful protest will carry on for some time, along with blockades of oil refineries and a shortage of petrol. We have therefore changed our plans and decided to take our car with its half filled tank of diesel out of the country and holiday in Italy instead of Cassis. I was going to book something in Naples but then decided against the idea at the last minute… (hahaha, now this IS a lame joke, isn’t it…?) No, we are now going to spend some days in Piemont, in a holiday apartment on an organic farm and with the Mediterranean sea (Genua) only an hour’s drive away. So we will have it all. Fluffy rabbits, a horse, cows, cats, dogs, woods and grass, the seaside, good food, and a cosy fireplace for the evenings. Hopefully we will also have sunshine during the day and petrol stations which are open (and cheaper than the ones in France currently are). I am so excited! We will be leaving next Thursday, and it only takes about a good 4 hours to get there. I can’t wait. My kids are as usual pretty laid back about going away, and I had to persuade my husband to take some time off work to go away with us. But I managed. It’ll do him (and in fact all of us) good, I am sure :). I even borrowed a Lonely Planet guide about Italy from the library. It’s brilliant, but all in French. I am sure between us, we will understand most of the information: I have a son whose French is now actually really pretty good. I am always in awe about his range of vocabulary and knowledge of grammar. Sometimes I wish I could go to school here and learn all he learns about French. By the way, we are all very happy at school now: Linus as well as his teachers are very happy, so obviously I am happy too. Since our crisis some weeks ago, things have been very, very good, Linus has done extremely well (and deserves his holidays and some computer access now), and he has also just tonight received confirmation that this company where they programme computer games have accepted his application for work experience. He is really chuffed and looking forward to December. It will be so up his street: spending eight hours a day with people who do nothing but programming… ;).

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