I’m doing all this for the children…

14 October 2010

… just ordered ‘The man with two brains‘ and ‘Ghostbusters‘ on Play.com — the latter was out at ALL libraries in town. The French must be educating their kids with 80s movies too.
What else is going on? It’s getting colder in Lyon, we had a horrible 14 degrees Celsius today. And grey skies. Uah, where’s the sun gone? I am hoping for better weather during the holidays, but I have dug out our mittens, wooly hats and scarves just in case, we might need them soon. We also just had sports day today at school (a 2km cross run for the whole school, they had loads of groups running: a boys’ group and a girls’ group for each grade). My daughter came in 32nd in her year. Although she denies it, I have a feeling she had a little tea-party with her best friends during the run, because funnily enough they all passed the finish line within two seconds of each other. I was shouting like mad to spur all three of them on during those two seconds. During the remainder of the morning I helped out at the drinks stall. Yes, the children needed re-fueling with hot chocolate, orange juice and pain au chocolat after the strenuous exercise 😉 . Helping out was almost as good as running the tombola at the school fair ( which I LOVE — did it at SAVS every year! ) and less hectic. This way I had more time to catch up with people and chat, lovely!! I spent my afternoon trying again in vain to sort my life out. Why can’t this be done within two hours? We have all sorts of machines to do household tasks for us, but still there seems to be too little time left to get properly organized. Anyway, tomorrow’s another day and I shall try again.
I have also just spent about 1 1/2 hours working with Linus on a GCSE coursework on poem interpretation. Secretly I just adore doing stuff like that. I wish I could go to school again and wax lyrical over metaphors and their meaning for hours and hours and pages and pages. Unfortunately, Linus still has to do his own work, so I have to keep kind of quiet and just give helpful hints like … are there any words you can substitute the verb ‘use’ with? I know ‘use’ is an easy quasi-allrounder in poem interpretation, but I think it should still be USED or employed, or utilised, or applied…. in moderation.


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