Hanging on in there

11 October 2010

It’s been a few days and we’ve been sorting things out. We now have a ‘constructive support and surveillance arrangement’ between school and home which seems to work, but it is early days and we have to hang on in there for the rest of the academic year. Did someone say young children are demanding? They may be, but teenagers are, how can I put it, more demanding in an intellectual way. You have to suss them and their techniques out and perfect the art of persuasion in order to achieve some sort of compliance. Anyway, we’re doing well, we’ve had some positive feedback from school and that’s a start.
Yesterday, Linus put his CV together to apply for a three-day work experience placement in December. He would love to do this with a Lyon-based company that programmes computer games. I know someone who works there, and they will kindly forward his application to the person in charge. Putting Linus’ CV togther was quite an interesting exercise: I am so grateful that I have acquired a little bit of expertise in this area through my job seeking activities and the counsellors at the maison de l’emploi. This certainly sped the process up. I also now appreciate that my son is not just an end-user who spends hours of his life on the computer gaming. I asked him to put together a list of his computer – and programming competencies and I was quite amazed at what he can do (it looked impressive to me, but then, I don’t have a clue, do I ? 🙂 ) But his CV looks good for a 15-year old and he also attached some examples of his work to his application. I really hope he will get a placement there, I’d be so pleased for him, because he put a lot of effort into his application (i.e. about 5 hours of his only day off, Sunday). If this should fail, he wants to apply at a chocolatier’s…
He is really inspired about all things chocolaty at the moment, because we did an evening course on how to make pralin et praline last week. Oh, this was yummy, really good fun and also interesting. I learned a lot and asked loads of (apparently) stupid questions. The maitre took the mickey out of me in the end, but that’s fine with me, at least we ended up having a good laugh. At the beginning the atmosphere was rather serious, because I think some participants were there to perfect the art of making chocolates with no intend of having fun during the process. So this rather wonderful organic chocolate place would be Linus’ second choice.
I have to run now, the library duty is calling! But I’ll hopefully be back for more later

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