It’s arrived

23 September 2010

…., in fact it arrived yesterday and today I have written my very angry letter. I even managed to throw in a quote from their website in which they state what an excellent courier service GLS are and subsequently took this apart using my experience as an example. I know I am sad, I probably spent too many years studying stuff and trying to be original in essays. But the letter is gone (signed for) and I have now got my anger out of my system. The coat for Lucy is brilliant by the way, she loves it, so I guess it was worth the hassle.

We are having a wonderful late summer here, today we had yet again temperatures of about 27 degrees Celsius, so far one day of rain since the 21st of August and I just LOVE the weather here… Unfortunately they forecast rain for the weekend, which is really sad, because we will be at a wedding. It would be so nice to have more of this nice weather and I am still hoping the forecast for Saturday is just WRONG.

Linus has taken the first of many GSCE exams in English today, he has another 18 months of work to complete the lot. They take their exams at regular intervals and get a final grade at the end of the process. I can see the end of his schooling approaching fast, only 3-4 years to go and we will have to enter the scary realms of further education!!! Oh, and the teachers and public transport have been on strike again. It seems to be the season. Good for Linus though, because he has had time to indulge in programming this afternoon. He has created an amazing helicopter animation which is going to be part some lego rockraider game (I don’t know the details…) that some of his ‘online’ friends are programming. Here‘s the animation, which he uploaded to youtube.
A few days ago, I have been asked to join a parent board at school (because I am sooo energetic and full of good ideas… when was that? Could someone remind me?), but I will not stand for election… Although I have been invited by somebody who is actually on the board, I heard a short speech by president of said board a few days ago and decided to stay out of it…. it would all end in tears, although I am not sure who’d be crying, me out of sorrow… or joy? Or them. Anyway, I don’t think this is for me, I reckon I lack certain essential qualities and yes, I burnt my fingers in the past (as a treasurer of an NCT branch, very embarrassing experience…:) ). So I have decided to focus on getting my life sorted instead.
I have just gone through my CV, tomorrow I will meet someone at the Maison de l’emploi et de la formation to discuss my options in the local labour market. I hope they can do a bit more for me than the employment agency. I mean, it surely can’t be all wrong to have done a variety of things in one’s life, I would have thought that a wealth of experience would be of some value to employers? I shall see tomorrow. Now it’s Harry Potter time, Lucy is still mad about everything hogwartsy and needs to be read to :).


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