Still waiting for that parcel

21 September 2010

… do I need to say more? But I have my zen back, I am now pretty cool about the non-existing customer service from this terrible company, because I had fantastic customer care from the company I placed my order with and that is… yes, in Britain. They were great and took responsibility, but also told me that they were in the process of changing their courier service, they had also experienced problems their end. Okay, enough said, this is actually the third time I am trying to write a blog entry, somehow I always got distracted when I sat down to write last week. So today I present to you my personal ‘readers digest of the past week’.

My first attempt was prompted by an article in the New York Times:

This article basically talks about how Germany reasserts itself as a nation. This is odd for me, having grown up during a time when it was deeply embarrassing to be German. This feeling was firmly instilled in children growing up in the 70s and 80s with history and literary lessons focussing in-depth on the atrocities that Germans committed during the second world war. I do understand that it was important for our teachers of the war — and the immediate post war generation to ensure that we would never condone such things happening again, but hey, they left us with a bit of a legacy! I find it in a way refreshing and positive that Germany is changing, on the other hand it feels odd because I haven’t really witnessed this culture change, we have just been away for too long. I hope our children, although growing up somewhere else will adopt such a healthy attitude towards their nationality…

My second attempt at blogging was concerned with my success as a TIRAMISU maker!!! Yes, I did it, I made a wonderful tiramisu. Twice. I love the stuff, and I have tested the tiramisu in almost every Italian restaurant we have been to in the past 10 years, but strangely enough, I had never tried to make it myself. I actually made tiramisu because we were invited to a party and I volunteered to make two puddings. The first one was easy, tarte au citron which Linus loves, but I got a bit stuck on the second one. But when leafing through my recipe book, I came across a tiramisu recipe. I got this recipe last year, the night before we left Britain in a lovely Italian restaurant near Virginia Water in Surrey. We had had dinner there and tiramisu which was divine. So I asked for the recipe and got it. Thanks to a really kind waiter who just printed it off the computer for me. (I tried the same in Germany and did NOT get the recipe… it was a BIG secret. I think they were worried I could put them out of business with their own tiramisu recipe, the pudding assembled in France and maliciously exported to the part of Bonn where their restaurant is located…)
Because my wonderful English recipe requires rather large quantities of ingredients, I reduced the quantities to family size and surfed the net for further information on tiramisu. I ended up with my own combination of ingredients and I have now an English-French-American recipe that tastes very Italian :).

I have to give credit to my dear husband too, who walked our arrondissement in search of real Marsala for hours and to no avail. He eventually bought some Port instead. This worked a treat in the recipe and now I can have Tiramisu whenever I want to!!! I am so lucky!!!

I guess my third blog entry has to be about school… we are happy now. I spent about five hours at school yesterday for meetings and library duty, I was so tired afterwards, I skipped the evening meeting I had planned to attend. Linus is very busy but having a good time, he is settled and enjoying the lessons. He also seems to be working hard (as far as I can tell) so I have stopped worrying. He also wants to join the International Award programme, which is the same as the Duke of Edinburgh Award, just outside Britain. Those living in Britain will know this programme which can be taken a different levels — bronze, silver and gold — and which involves regular commitment in sports, the community as well as the planning a kind of survival trip. Linus went to the initial meeting yesterday and is now very very keen to join. I hope he gets a place and I am sure he will enjoy his first trip in November… I hope they will be heading south for that :)…


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