School… again. Time to calm down.

15 September 2010

I’ve calmed down. We’re into the second week of the term and my son has a staggering 34 hours of lessons per week. So far no more strikes, only one free period per week and he even has to start at 8 o’clock in the morning on three days. So far so good. AND… he even has Spanish lessons (Last year he got kicked out after one lesson because his French was too bad…Don’t ask, I don’t understand the logic behind this either. Neither does anyone I have spoken to). I am much reassured. Linus is learning, he gets up in the mornings without problems and has a lot more energy and motivation than throughout the last year, when he wasn’t challenged, but spent most of his time in the library fooling around or just being bored. However, we are still keeping an open mind on school and whether to move him or not, but for the time being I am happy for him to stay put. I’ll be attending a parents evening next Monday where we can meet the new proviseur and find out about his vision for the school. So that should be interesting.

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