ARGGHHH!!! There goes my Zen

15 September 2010

.. yes, it’s all gone down the drain. Nothing to do with school but with a terrible parcel service called GLS. If you should ever happen to want to post a parcel to us, PLEASE don’t use them. They tried to deliver a parcel yesterday, I wasn’t in, so they left a note. This is normal. BUT, to reschedule the delivery, you must ring a telephone number that costs you a staggering 1,34 EURO for each call plus an extra 34 cents per minute! I have rung them 3 times today to no avail. Two times I had a prerecorded message saying they were busy and then they hung up on me (all the while charging their standard rate), the third time they said I was in a queue and could expect to wait for another five minutes. Yeah sure, as if… just to line their pockets and to be aggressive to their probably overworked and understaffed call center personnel? I was (and am) absolutely livid, because this company has the guts to say on their website that they strive to be customer friendly. Yeah, right, as long as the customer pays at both ends of the delivery.
I finally rang a different number and got through to a really kind and helpful lady. I am sorry she got an ear bashing from me, but I was about to burst with anger. She kindly arranged for the parcel to be delivered again and also spoke excellent English. And the phone call cost me ONLY 15 cents per minute! A bargain!! But as soon as I have Lucy tucked in, I will be writing a very angry letter and demand to be reimbursed for the the 5 Euros I spent today trying to talk to someone. Ha, how lovely to foster this kind of rage! I have been thinking about all the terrible things I am going to say to them since this morning!! I’m going to put it all into a nice draft and then I am going to weed out the nasty bits. Hopefully I will end up with something assertive, slightly threatening (like involving consumer associations…) and to the point. The good thing is, I can write to them in English…


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