Something about letting go

8 September 2010

When you are a parent (or a mother?) you know something about letting go…. letting your little one start nursery, or even worse, primary school, is a big thing. Years ago when this happened with my children, the mother hen in me became a bit emotional. (Although these moments never lasted long, it was also VERY nice to have a few hours away from the kids to have one of those rare adult conversations.) This seems a long time ago, my kids just won’t stop getting older and older and taller and taller, but I remember the feeling well. Anyway, today I had a another ‘letting go moment’ with Lucy. She went to visit her friend, on the bus (a 45 minute ride) ALL BY HERSELF!!! Okay, I put her on the bus at Place Bellecour, thinking she would get to her friend’s house without difficulty. The only problem was that two bus lines number 30 run in Lyon, but one of the doesn’t go all the way to the place where Lucy’s friend lives. I happened put Lucy on the wrong bus. Luckily I gave her my mobile phone and when I rang her 3/4 of an hour later to ask whether she’d got there okay, she just said “No mum, I’m in Vieux Lyon at the moment, going towards Place Bellecour. The bus did not go to Francheville, so I just stayed on, because I knew it would return to Bellecour. Can you meet me there and put me on the right bus?” And that’s what we did. This girl was so cool and in charge of the situation, I think I was not that assertive at nine years of age. So I have just successfully let go of my little girl some more again today. But I am not sad, on the contrary, I am proud of her mature reaction and practical thinking.


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