C’est la rentrée

3 September 2010

What normally has always been a pleasantly exciting time is this year overshadowed with worry, frustration and anxiety. After last year’s catastrophic experience, I am already stressed out about what will happen this year. The children went back to school yesterday and for Lucy, all was fine. She adores her new teacher and I am sure will be happy in class. The only disappointment for her was being split up from her two best friends who were assigned to a different teacher. But she took it well and is okay with it now. Linus on the other hand had his first day at college yesterday. He got a timetable, after a full day at school including hanging around for hours on time, but we do not yet know which lessons he will have in the coming term. He is also off school today. Oh, and the first dates for strikes have also been scheduled. These will be next week. And we have a new proviseur. It is not the one that was supposed to be good and coming from a school in Nigeria, no, it’s someone else. I have just heard this through the grapevine. Parents, as usual, have not been informed as I suppose that this is none of our business. I am now dreading that they have given the post to another madman and that we will face weeks of chaos again. I am so sick and tired of this. I have never been so anxious in my life about the education of one my children or rather the lack of it. I am trying to tell myself to calm down, it will be different this year and the school is in a better situation this year than in 2009 (they have timetables and some sort of schedule), but it’s a feeling that is hard to control. We shall see. I will email a few people today to try and find out more about what is going on. Next week, I will duly check Linus’ timetable and see if it’s satisfactory. If not, I will talk to his teacher and do everything I can do to get him a satisfactory amount of lessons. If all fails we have to change schools. But I try not to think about that just yet — if this school is supposed to be an elite institution in Lyon, what will the others be like?

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