We’re back in Lyon

25 August 2010

… and I wanted to write all about how wonderful our holiday has been, that we have seen lots of lovely people — friends and family– and that this was incredibly inspirational in many ways, most importantly I would say in terms of cooking ;). I wanted to say that I have come home with recipes from Frank and Ina, our friends in Zurich. Frank made the meanest rosemary potatoes I have ever eaten for us, and from Steffen and Insa who we visited in the far north of Germany, East Frisia. Steffen is a passionate cook and he spoilt us with his cooking skills and some excellent cocktails — thanks for those! I am a great fan of a drink called ‘swimming pool’ now. Yes, I also wanted to talk about how lovely Lucy’s horse riding lessons have been and that Linus really enjoyed his windsurfing course. But we have just been catapulted back to reality and so I cannot linger on our holiday experience, but I have to live in the present. This present consists of a burst water pipe somewhere above our heads. Lucy just came in a few minutes ago to say that there was water coming trough the ceiling in our toilet. Great. I got up to a faint drizzle from said ceiling this morning and rang the letting agency straight away. Nothing else has happened apart from a confirmation that they were going to do something. But the whole thing has now become somewhat urgent, because we have something that feels like rain coming through the kitchen ceiling too! Boy, I am so relieved it’s fresh water…. and that we don’t own this flat. Anyway. I will ring the estate agents again tomorrow at nine on the dot.
I think the water coming through has something to do with the girls in the upstairs flat running their washing machine. We’ve politely asked them to turn it off and the ‘rain’ in the kitchen seems to ease off now. I hope the leak can be located and fixed without too much trouble tomorrow. I am just a bit concerned because a friend of mine here in Lyon had the same thing happening in her flat round Christmas, only in their case a large chunk of her kitchen ceiling came down with the water. I think we might be lucky and I hope our ceiling will ‘hang on in there’ so to speak.
Do you remember last year this time? We had to make do without a toilet and our washing machine was dead. Both were revived and have been working fine ever since, so I am living in hope that this will also be sorted soon. What a situation! Even my superhero can’t sort this out, it takes a real plumber to complete this job… but may be there is advice on the internet after all? Have a good evening, I hope you’re all sitting in a dry house and we’ll keep you posted :).

2 Responses to “We’re back in Lyon”

  1. Marion Says:

    Und ich dachte immer es sind nur die Gallier die Angst haben, dass ihnen der Himmel auf den Kopf faellt!

    Schoen, dass ihr wieder da seid, so habe ich wieder was zu lesen. Wir hatten auch einen sehr netten Urlaub!


    • birolilu Says:

      … uns ist der Himmel nicht auf den Kopf gefallen… und das Leck repariert, hurra! Ich ruf ganz bald mal an, Gruss und Kuss, Bx

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