Why is it that only guys go fishing?

2 August 2010

Along the Rhône, you see these little tents inhabited by funny human like creatures holding fishing rods in their hands. I have never seen a woman pursuing this most exciting of sports (?). What is it about fishing? You’re not supposed to eat fish from the Rhône, so do you just catch them and throw them back in? Can someone tell me why guys go fishing? Couldn’t they do something more useful instead like gardening, helping their wives (if they have one) or the aged, or watching telly?

These burning questions occurred to me when we cycled to the parc Miribel Jonage last week. Linus and I cycled round its lakes the other day and we discovered what an interesting place it is, there is so much to see and to do… like fishing. But it’s also great for skimming stones across the water for hours on end, for cloud watching, or just hanging out. We saw enormous dragonflies (bright red and blue ones), loads of fish, naturist beaches (not that we were tempted in the least, but hey, what a discovery 🙂 ) a proper snake (Linus almost ran the poor reptile over on the way home). We are definitely putting the park on our ‘tourist agenda’ for visitors.
Cycling with Linus (and in fact also with Rolf) means that I get hot and sweaty. Linus cycles at impressive speeds and me, his old mother, is trying to keep up with him. So a swim in the lake is such a welcome refreshment. But …. it has patches where ‘green stuff’ grows. This ‘green stuff’ (I don’t know the proper name) likes to tangle itself round wrists or ankles and I find it absolutely disgusting… it freaks me. So I can’t swim on my back, because I have to keep an eye out for the ‘green stuff’ patches. I stay pretty close to the shore, because the lake is very deep and I don’t want to get tangled up in vegetable in the middle of the lake, maybe there are things hiding in there that pull you down… Do you remember those creatures in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire? It’s those things I am talking about. Swimming in a lake is fine, but I have to say it can be a bit too natural for me. Could someone get rid of those plants for me please?
I have to try out other lakes round Lyon — and we have an abundance of those — to see whether there are some that are more like a … swimming pool 🙂 , or the lac d’Annecy, which was definitely clearer and less weedy.


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