Been here almost a year!

2 August 2010

Our first anniversary in Lyon is approaching fast, another week to go and our first year in Lyon is up. We’ve also just had our 15th wedding anniversary!!!! I kept hinting at it for weeks, then I forgot it on the day. My dear husband though didn’t, he came home early from work (only to find that I was out until about 8pm) and he brought me a beautiful bouquet of flowers. I hadn’t even cooked a special meal (it’s too hot to eat lots anyway….) Nevertheless, although I obviously lack the romantic inclination, he is still staying married to me for a little (or much) longer, I am pleased to say.

I have also started looking for work. It’s not so easy if you have no idea what to do! Since I finished my degree, I have been happily catching up on all sorts of things, but now I am getting to a point where I need something new to get my teeth into. It’s not easy, because I feel I have to reinvent myself in a way… I am not part of a system anymore as I used to be in England, I have to start from scratch here. I have so far updated my CV, written a couple of applications and phoned around a bit, I hope that by keeping an open mind and casting my net wide something will come up in due course.


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