Just back for a week

26 July 2010

We’ve just come back home for a week between to short breaks with our German friends. They spent 5 days with us in Lyon before we all went to the Lac d’Annecy in the Alps last weekend. This lake is also sometimes called the ‘Blue Lake’ and when you have seen it you know why. It’s a wonderful warm lake for swimming and all sorts of other water sports. Although I consider myself a seaside person and I love and miss the coast round Devon, Dorset, Somerset and Cornwall, I was pleasantly surprised the with the lake. The water temperature was about 23 or so degrees Celsius. If you have ever dared to swim in the sea in Britain, you will understand how heavenly such a temperature feels! I am a fan of this lake! If you go by area, it is the second biggest lake in France and only surpassed by the Lac de Bourget, which is also close to Lyon (the French part of the lake of Geneva is bigger, but that doesn’t count here, I’m talking all French lakes… ). Anyway, we actually stayed near the far southern end of the lake on a campsite in a small village called Chaparon. And this was great. We could escape the heat of Lyon, the campsite was very pleasant and we did fab outdoor things like hiking in the mountains, cycling, and swimming in the lake. I really love being outdoors all day, it’s a pleasure with the perfect weather we’ve had. Linus tried his hand at windsurfing today, under instruction of our friend Udo, who is himself a pretty seasoned windsurfer. Linus absolutely loved the surfing, although once he had mastered pulling the mast out of the water and steading himself on the board, the wind had picked up quite a bit and he never sailed very far… conditions were a bit rough for a novice surfer. But he loved the taster session and wants more of the same!

The boys on the shores of the lake

View of the lake during our hike

We did miss Lucy a bit, but she is having her own fun holiday away from us. She went to Germany all by herself last Tuesday and is spending time at my mum’s place until the end of the week, when she is going to go to have another week at Rolf’s parents’ house. She seems to be having a wonderful time and does not appear to miss us at all: We arranged for some riding lessons in Germany and the rest of the time she spends playing with her cousins and newly found friends in my home town. So no problem there. We miss her a little, the house is so quiet without the children arguing 🙂 but I am pleased she is having such a good time.

As I said before, we’re now back so Rolf can work for a week before we set out again to meet our friends in a different part of the Alps for a few days camping, afterwards we will be off to Germany (via Switzerland) to collect our lost daughter for a bit of family time before the end of the holidays. We have just about another five weeks left, but time is flying by and September will be upon us all too soon, I fear. During this coming week in Lyon, I will try to catch up on all sorts of things such as vaccinations for Linus, getting my CV up to scratch, and generally sorting things out that would otherwise stress us at the beginning of the new term. Oh, and Lucy definitely wants to take up riding, so I will have to find a suitable riding school for her quickly. I am sure I will also find time to do a bit of blogging, so stay with us! 🙂

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